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Children's Consignment

It is with a heavy heart that the Children’s Consignment Sales Team has made the difficult decision that starting this Spring and going forward, we will no longer be able to offer the Children’s Consignment Sale at Calvary Road Baptist Church.

This has been such a wonderful ministry, and we thank you for volunteering, consigning, and praying for and with us.
Please know there are a number of church based organizations in the area that continue to host Children’s Consignment Sales and we urge you to look into these options.
Again, we thank you for your support over the years and pray God’s richest Blessings over you!
Thank you so much for your support.
Consignment Sale

We accept Cash & Checks
(with proper ID)
We Do Not Accept Credit or Debit Cards

Our Consignment Sale offers you the opportunity to sell your gently used children’s clothing, toys and equipment and receive up to 70% of your selling price (see Seller Instructions – General Information for details). One hundred percent of the remaining profit is donated to local and worldwide missions. A consignor fee of $10 is required of sellers to offset the expenses of the sale. Consider helping at the sale as a volunteer worker. Both volunteers and consignors receive early shopping privileges on the Friday evening before the start of Saturday’s public sale. It is our way of saying “thanks” for your time.

In an effort to comply with the ever-changing COVID-19 requirements and restrictions, we anticipate having to implement some changes in our procedures, sales floor and admittance policies. We are closely following the mandates of our governor as well as our Church leadership to ensure we can make it safe for all involved. We will quickly disseminate this information as we are closer to the sale as it is becomes more clear.


We thank you for your understanding during the unprecedented times.

Fall 2023 : Dates and Times

Children Consignment Sale

Tuesday, August 15th

Online Registration opens.


Registration for Consignors and Volunteers will open at 8 am and will be on a first come first served basis. 200 Consignors accepted and then the remaining will be waitlisted. Your consignor position is not guaranteed until the $10.00 consignor fee has been paid via PayPal. Volunteer position fill quickly so register right away to ensure you get the spots of your choice.


Thursday, September 21st

Last Day to enter items online.

The system will shut down at midnight so you must ensure you have everything entered before you go to bed that night. You can still print tags, hang clothes and pin tags after the system is closed.

Thursday, September 21st


6:00 pm – 9:00 pm drop-off for Consignors.

Please enter through door number 4 and check-in prior to placing any items on the Sales Floor.

Please allow enough time to put items out.

Please do NOT bring children to drop-off.


Friday, September 22nd


9:00 am – 12:00 pm Final drop-off for consignors.

Please enter through door #4 and Check-in prior to placing any items on the Sales Floor.

Please allow enough time to put items out.

Please do NOT bring children to drop-off.


Please remember that children will NOT be admitted to the presale.

Friday, September 22nd


Presale shopping privileges

4:00 pm – Volunteers who work 2 or more shifts

5:00 pm – Volunteers who work 1 shift

6:00 pm – Consignors (who do not volunteer)


Sales floor will close at 8pm promptly.


Saturday, September 23rd


8:00 am – 1:00 pm – Sales Floor open to the public (Rain or Shine)

11:45 am – Sales Floor closes to prepare for ½ Price Sale

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Sales Floor opens for 1/2 Price Sale

1:00 pm – Sale closes and break down begins

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm – *Consignor sort and pickup

*Any items not picked up during designated pick-up time will be donated to a charity chosen by CRBC Consignment Ministry. CRBC will not make reminder phone calls and pick-up time will not be extended. CRBC will not store, warehouse, or maintain any items after 3:30pm and the $50.00 disposal fee will be assessed. No Exceptions! All items remaining will be donated.

Seller Instruction

Children Consignment Sale items

General Information


We offer 2 options for consignors:


Option A) Consign AND work a full volunteer shift at the sale and receive 70% of the sales price for items sold, less the $10.00 consignor fee. PLEASE NOTE: It is the consignor’s responsibility to sign in at the volunteer station & receive a name tag & smock before starting their shift and to check out & return the smock after their shift has been completed. If these steps are not followed, the consignor will not be considered as completing a full volunteer shift and the consignor percentage will be reduced to 60%.

Option B) Consign only and receive 60% of the sales price for items sold minus the $10.00 consignor fee.


All consignors will have the opportunity to shop during the consignor pre-sale on Friday evening from 6:00-8:00pm. This is limited to consignors ONLY – please do not bring friends, relatives, children, etc.

Items accepted/not accepted for consignment


  • All items offered for sale must pertain to children and be in good, condition (smoke-free, no tears, stains, missing buttons, must be complete games or puzzles or toys in proper working order). All electronic toys must have working batteries.
  • Clothing sizes infant to 14/16 (no junior sizes please – we don’t have the rack space). Maternity and Nursing clothing will be accepted for sale. Clothing and shoes (boots for Fall/Winter sale; sandals for Spring/Summer sale) must be season-appropriate for the sale being held. For example, corduroy, flannel, wool, velvet and other heavy-weight fabrics are considered Fall/Winter fabrics. Sleeveless dresses, sandals and shorts are considered Spring/Summer sale items. Out-of-season items will be pulled from the sales floor and donated regardless of the return designation on the item tag. Jeans are always accepted.
  • DVDs offered for sale must be family-friendly themes (no R-rated items or inappropriate themes).
  • We do not accept cribs, metal children’s jewelry, breast pumps, car seats unless part of a stroller/car seat combination unit, stuffed animals unless they are the talking, electronic type or hand puppets, items listed on the Consumer Product Safety Website – visit Recalled items will be pulled from the sales floor and disposed of.
  • Items that do not meet our quality standards will be pulled from the sale.


Preparing/Tagging Items-To ensure proper credit for your sold items, please carefully follow these instructions.


  • All items must be tagged using the My Consignment Manager program – no exceptions. Consignors who do not follow the tagging instructions below MAY be assessed a $50.00 fee. Improperly tagged items will not be accepted or will be pulled from the floor!
  • Use light colored cardstock for items the consignor wants returned and stick with that color. Do not use more than one color of cardstock for items you want returned. Please do not use blue shades or gray shades of cardstock as the barcode reader is unable to reliably read information printed on these colors. Cardstock should be 60lb to 67lb weight. Paper tags will not be accepted.
  • Items marked for DONATION (items that the consignor NOT want returned) must be printed on white cardstock. NOTE: Any item with a white tag will not be returned – even if the item is marked for return.
  • Use only one tag per item.
  • All outerwear, school uniforms, dress-up/costumes, dancewear and swimsuits must be on hangers.
  • Bag all comforters and bedding items in clear plastic bags and use CLEAR tape to attach tag to the outside of the bag.
  • Shoes should be fastened together with zip ties or twine to avoid being separated.
  • Securely attach tags to books, toys, plastic bags, furniture, etc with CLEAR tape only. Please DO NOT place tape over the bar code.
  • Items with altered tags will not be accepted.
  • Items without tags will not be sold. We will attempt to match up lost tags with items missing tags. A good description of an item facilitates matching the tag with the item – for example Gymboree Pink Flowered Dress Size 4T conveys more information than Dress Size 4T. Items without tags will be displayed during return item pick-up hours on Saturday evening. Unclaimed items will be donated.
  • Small items from items with multiple pieces should be placed in a plastic bag, taped closed and securely fastened to the larger item. Make only ONE tag for the set. On an index card, write the item number of the larger piece’s tag with a description of the set. Place the index card in the plastic bag with the small pieces in case the bag becomes separated from the larger item.
  • Small items should be placed in zipper- type bags with the tag secured with tape to the outside of the bag.
  • Tape all bags closed to minimize the chance of pieces getting lost. For large items and items that will be sold under the tents outdoors, place the item tag in a small zipper-type bag and tape the bag to the item.
  • When selling clothing with multiple pieces (pants & shirts, etc.) safety pin both pieces together and use only one tag for the entire set.
  • The print quality of your barcode is very important. Print tags using the normal setting on your printer; not high quality as this may make the barcode bleed. Make sure the pop-up blocker is off and uses Internet Explorer as the browser. Tags print 8 to a page. Print a page test tags to see how they look.
correct barcode

If your barcodes look like this one, you’re good to go.

correct barcode

If it looks like the one below, realign your current ink cartridge and try again.

correct barcode

If it looks like this one, replace your ink cartridge with a new one & align your replacement cartridge.

  • Attach tags securely to clothing and soft items only with safety pins (absolutely NO straight pins, staples, tape, string or adhesive tags). Make sure the safety pin passes through the tag in two places and do not punch a hole anywhere on the tag to decrease the chance of it falling off.
  • Insert the hanger so that the hook of the hanger looks like a question mark [?]. Clothing submitted on hangers must be facing left (i.e., as you look at the item, the left shoulder or side of garment, faces out or away from rack – see diagram below). Place tag on the left side or shoulder of clothing item so it can be seen easily.. DO NOT place tags on the inside of clothing items. Please note hangers will not be returned after the sale unless the unsold item is already on one.
  • If using a tagging gun, go through the underarm seam on the left arm to minimize damage to the fabric.
tag placement
  • Clothing items will be accepted for sale either on hangers (supplied by consignor) or neatly folded. When using hangers, place the item face up on a table. To facilitate placement on the sales floor, items on hangers should be rubber-banded together by gender & size. Folded items should be boxed or bagged together by gender & size. Items should be ready to display at drop-off. Please separate out school uniforms; coats, jackets, sweaters and outerwear; dress-up and costumes, dancewear, and swimsuits (Spring/Summer sale only) as these items will be displayed separately from other clothing items.
  • Baby items (except clothing and shoes) – will be displayed in the trailer closest to the church building. Please separate out these items from baby clothing and shoes to facilitate your placing these items in the appropriate trailer.


Pricing Items – PRICE ITEMS TO SELL – consider what YOU would pay for the item. The minimum selling price for any item or group of items is 50 CENTS. Suggested pricing for clothing and other items appear below:


Bargain Brands – Circo, Carter’s, Garanimals, (retail <$10) resell at: $1-$4 
Basic Brands – Old Navy, TCP, OshKosh, (retail $5-$15) – resell at $3-$6
Better Brands – Gymboree, Gap, Polo, (retail $10-$20) – resell at $4-$10
Boutique Brands (retail $20 and up) – resell at 25-35% off
Toys, gear, books & everything else – 30% of retail


  • Charge less for good condition, infant items, casual clothing, older toys
  • Charge more for “new with tags”, dressy items, clothing sets, excellent condition, large items, with manual or box, hot brands & toys, rare items


Item Drop-Off


Park in the back of the Church/School buildings and enter through Door 4. Follow the signs to the Consignment Sale check-in area. Items will be accepted only during the following times:

6:00pm – 9:00pm on Thursday


8:00am – 12:00 noon on Friday


ends promptly at 12:00 noon

When you drop-off your items, you will receive a name tag that allows you onto the sales floor to help place your items. Please do not put any items out for sale without checking in at the registration desk, obtaining a name tag and dropping off your completed Consignor Agreement. Please be prepared to help assist us in the proper placement of your items on the selling floor.

Note that all items offered for sale will be evaluated for cleanliness, quality, proper tagging procedure, season appropriateness, etc. as outlined in the SELLER INSTRUCTIONS. Items found unsuitable for sale will be pulled from the selling floor and a penalty fee may be assessed.

Pick-Up of Unsold Items


  • Unsold items that were marked for return MUST be sorted and picked up between 2:00pm and 3:30pm on the day of the sale. Enter the building through Door 1.
  • It is the consignor’s responsibility to check all areas for their unsold items.
  • Items not picked up by 3:30pm, will be donated immediately. CRBC will not be responsible for items left after 3:30pm.
  • $50.00 disposal fee will be deducted from the consignor’s proceeds check for all items remaining after 3:30pm on the day of the sale.


Receiving your proceeds check


  • Your proceeds check will be mailed within three weeks to the address designated on the envelope you addressed during the item drop-off period. The consignor is responsible for any costs associated with the proceeds check being sent to an incorrect address.
  • No checks will be issued for amounts less than $10.00


Have questions? Please send an e-mail to Someone will respond promptly.


Failure to follow guidelines in this document may bar you from consigning at future sales.

Tagging System

We have a simple and easy-to-use electronic tagging system through 

By using this electronic system, you:
  • Will save 50%-60% of your previous tagging time
  • Can reuse your items for future sales – WITHOUT retagging with us and with select other local sales
  • Can calculate your potential sales in dollars
  • All this at no risk or additional cost outside of our Consignor fee!


With your first sale, you will need to sign-up to obtain your USER ID and PASSWORD which will remain the same for all future sales. However, it is necessary to register for each sale so that we know that you will be consigning items. Please refer to Seller Instructions for specifics on how to create your tags and other important information.


TAGGING at a Glance! Refer to Seller Instructions for full instructions.


  • ALL items MUST be tagged using our online tagging system. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Tags MUST be printed on CARDSTOCK – White for items being donated and light

    colors for items being returned. Please do not use dark colors or shades of blue or gray as the barcode

    reader is unable to reliably read information printed on these colors. Paper tags will not be accepted.

  • Tags should be securely attached to clothing with safety pins. No straight pins or staples. While tagging guns are not forbidden, they are not encouraged. We have found that these tags become detached very easily.
  • When placing tags on clothing, please secure the tag on the upper left shoulder or for pants on the upper left pocket. Do not dangle tags at the bottom of clothing or place inside clothing.
  • Tags should be securely attached with CLEAR tape to books, toys, plastic bags, furniture, etc.
  • For large items that will be on Outside Sales Floor, please place the tag in a small zipper type lunch baggie and securely tape the bag to the item. This facilitates easy removal of the tag and protects the information in the event of inclement weather.

Volunteer Information

The success of our sales has largely been due to the tireless efforts of our volunteers. Your help is invaluable. Without you, there would be no sale. We thank you in advance for your time. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare. Therefore we ask that you arrange your own childcare.




In recognition of your time and effort, when you volunteer for one or more shifts, you qualify to shop in advance of consignors (those who do not volunteer) and the general public.   Volunteers working two or more shifts may start to shop at 4:00pm, and those working one shift may start to shop at 5:00pm on the Friday evening before the sale. This means that those who volunteer will have first choice on all the great deals. The Pre-Sale is our way of thanking you for your support. Please note that if your volunteer slot is during the same time as your pre-sale shopping time slot, you will not be able shop. We need volunteers to work the shifts for which they have signed up.   Please, no shopping during your volunteer shift times.


Additionally, those volunteers who also consign will receive 70%, instead of 60%, of the price of their items as our way of saying “thank you” for helping out at the sale.


If you are a teen volunteer and in need Community Service hours for school, serving as a volunteer for the Consignment Sale counts. The Consignment Sale leader will gladly sign off on your hours served.




COMFORT IS KEY! Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you may be standing on your feet for most of your shift. We do ask that you do not wear tank tops, short shorts, or anything that would be deemed inappropriate on a school or church campus. 


BE EARLY AND SIGN IN! Please report to the Volunteer Check-In counter at Entrance 1 for your shift. Please show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled shift time to sign in and receive your assignment instructions.


CELL PHONES WHILE ON THE FLOOR… You may keep the phone in your pocket but we request you do NOT have conversations, phone or text, while on the Sales Floor.


PURSES/BAGS/COATS…CRBC cannot be held responsible for the valuables of it’s volunteers. There is NO PLACE to secure your belongings so we suggest you leave them at home or lock them in your car. 


SHOPPING DURING SHIFT IS NOT PERMITTED! At NO TIME are items to be put on HOLD for volunteer, nor are items AT ANY TIME to be purchased and left anywhere on property. Purchases must be made during designated shop times and secured in your vehicle. Any merchandise that is found being “stashed” will be put back and should volunteer be identified they may or may not be asked to leave their shift and would in turn forfeit all volunteer benefits.




To volunteer for any of the positions listed below, please visit

and create your USER ID and PASSWORD.


Once you have done this, you will be able to sign-up for the shift(s) of your choosing. We need your help so please “register” quickly to ensure you get the shift(s) of your choice. 


At check-out station, assist cashier by tracking items and place merchandise in bags.

Beast of Burden (BOB)

During sale hours, assists both shoppers and volunteers with moving larger items from sales floor. Requires lifting and carrying heavy items.

Carry In Volunteer

During drop-off times, assist consignors with bringing in their items. Requires lifting and carrying heavy items.

Cashier (CRBC Church members only)

At check-out station, adds up item tags and takes customer’s payment.

Clean-Up Volunteer

After sale, helps to break down tables, return furniture to original locations, removes trash to outside receptacle.

Consignor Check-In (Church Member Only)

Assist with the Consignor Check-In process by having consignors review and sign Consignor Agreements, collect addressed envelopes and stress Returned Item pick-up regulations.


Greet customers, hand out shopping bags, and answer questions during sale hours.

Outdoor Sales Floor

During sale hours monitors, organized, and maintains large items outside. Requires lifting/carrying large items and dealing with inclement weather.

Quality Control Volunteer

Inspect incoming merchandise for compliance with Seller Instructions (i.e., look for correct tagging, safety pins, stained or torn clothing, etc.) Must be familiar with current Seller Instructions version.

Returns Sorter


After sale, helps to sort items to be returned to consignor from items that are being donated.

Sales Floor Prep

Prior to consignor drop-off, prepares sales floor to receive items by setting up tables, clothing racks, etc. and places signage on tables, walls, racks, and doors.

Sales Floor Volunteer

During sale hours, monitors, organizes and maintains a neat and orderly sales floor. Answers customer questions and helps shoppers locate items of interest. Requires lifting – carrying toys, equipment, etc. to indoor holding area.

Security (Church Member Only)

Assist in monitoring crowds and traffic flow throughout the building. Guards the premises against theft and property damage and ensures the safety of volunteers and shoppers.

Set-Up Sorter

Guide consignors in placing items in the correct locations on the sales floor.   Some lifting may be involved. Based on need, you may be asked to organize a certain part of the room (baby items, toys, shoes, etc.). Please note that shopping is not permitted during your shift.

Volunteer Check-In:

Assist with the volunteer check in process by assembling and distributing name tags, giving basic instructions to volunteers, distributing volunteer apparel (as necessary), directing volunteer to designated shifts, answering general questions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may sell just about everything that is baby or child related that is in clean, complete and working condition. Review Seller Instructions for full details.

Are there any items that are not allowed at the sale?

We accept nearly everything baby/child related with a few exceptions. We do not accept cribs, metal children’s jewelry, breast pumps, car seats unless part of a stroller/car seat combination unit, stuffed animals unless they are the talking, electronic type or hand puppets, items listed on the Consumer Product Safety Website – visit Otherwise, if it is related to children, we will sell it. We do accept maternity/nursing clothing.

You may consign no more than 2000 items at any given sale.

The easiest way is to enter through our website or you can go directly to

You need to enter through our site or go directly to to avoid the need for a print code.

All items that are not picked up by the designated pick-up time will be donated immediately and a $50.00 disposal fee will be assessed.

Yes, friends can drop-off and/or pick-up your items. When dropping off, they will need your signed Consignor Agreement, consignor number, email address, and mailing address to check you in. They will be responsible for distributing the items on the sales floor and gathering items at pick-up.

Unfortunately due to space constraints, we cannot allow strollers on the Sales Floor.

Just about everything child related. Each sale is different, and we do not know what items will be offered until the time of the sale.

We accept cash and checks (with proper ID).

Volunteers get to shop the sale before consignors and the general public beginning at 4:00 pm the Friday before the sale. Consignors are allowed to shop at 6:00 pm Friday. Please go to our Volunteer Page to reap the benefits of shopping first!

Children are not permitted at the sale during volunteer shifts or during pre-shop. During the public sale on Saturday, children are allowed, however, we strongly encourage shoppers to come without them, as the sale will be crowded. If you do bring them please keep them by your side at all times and remember we do not allow strollers on the Sales Floor. Please do not allow them to play with the toys or equipment.

Sure! We do provide large shopping bags at the door but welcome you to bring your large bags and fill them. We will tag your personal bags at the door to avoid any confusion at check out.

We do get some new items, with their tags still attached. Each sale is unique.

The sale will go on regardless of the weather.

Consignors price their own items.

No, all sales are final. No Exceptions.

We have two sales a year. Our Spring/Summer is usually late March or early April and the Fall/Winter sale is typically the last Saturday of September.

No, anyone can volunteer.

No. We do not have childcare available and it is not a safe environment for children.

We count on our volunteers to make our sale a success. If you know you cannot fulfill your shift, please let us know as soon as possible. Any volunteer who does not fulfill their shift without telling us will not be permitted to volunteer at future sales. Additionally, if you consign, sign up to volunteer and do not fulfill your shift(s) even if you give us advanced notice, the percentage you will receive for your items sold will be 60%;not 70%.

Absolutely! Volunteering two or more shifts gets you into the pre-sale at the earliest possible time. We LOVE our Volunteers!

It is important to us that only safe products are offered at our sale, therefore we ask that each consignor carefully check that none of their items have been recalled before bringing them to our sale. As the seller/owner of an item, it is the responsibility of the consignor to ensure that each item meets the required safety standards. Please visit for recall lists.

If you would like to become a consignor, please sign up through our website

  • Option A)   Consign AND work a full volunteer shift at the sale and receive 70% of the sales price for items sold, less the $10.00 consignor fee. PLEASE NOTE: It is the consignor’s responsibility to sign in at the volunteer station & receive a name tag & smock before starting their shift and to check out & return the smock after their shift has been completed. If these steps are not followed, the consignor will not be considered as completing a full volunteer shift and the consignor percentage will be reduced to 60%.
  • Option B)   Consign only and receive 60% of the sales price for items sold minus the $10.00 consignor fee.

There is a $10.00 non-refundable consignor fee and your space is not guaranteed until the fee has been paid via PayPal.

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