Main Event

Sunday Morning

9:30 am - 10:45 am

Student Center

This is our gathering time. Gather together for Bible Study. As teens arrive, they will be greeted by other teens and our Student Leadership and Breakfast Crew members. Smells of homemade waffles will greet you as you enter the Student Center and there will be loads of fun as we eat together, fellowship, and play some great indoor and outdoor games. This will be a fun beginning as we begin to prepare ourselves for a meaningful time of worship through music and the Word of God that will come during the next two segments of our program (see below).

Breakfast: Waffles, Cereal, Donuts, hot chocolate, and Juice & Coffee

Note: Breakfast service will conclude at 10:10 AM.

Games: Gaga Ball, 9 Square-in-the-Air, Carpet Ball, Pool & Ping Pong Table, XBOX, & Table Games

10:50 am - 11:15 am


Announcements & Opening Activity

Live Worship w/the NG712 Praise Band

Lesson Introduction

11:20 am - 12:15 pm

Various Classrooms

Small Group Bible Study

TREK (Middle School) & Journey (High School) Handbook Time

Prayer Groups

For the 9:30-10:40 Timeframe

Drop off your student at Student Center.

We will transition to the Gymnasium at 10:40 AM

For the 10:40-11:15 Timeframe

Drop off your student in the Gymnasium (2nd Floor of the Main Building)

We will transition to the Gymnasium at 11:15 AM

For the 11:20-12:15 Timeframe

Drop off your student in the following Classrooms (1st Floor of the Main Building):

Boys (Grades 7-8) Rm. 127
Girls (Grades 7-8) Rm. 125

Boys (Grades 9-10) Rm. 110
Girls(Grades 9-10) Rm. 113

Boys (Grades 11-12) Rm. 101
Girls (Grades 11-12) Rm. 102